Changed beyond recognition, Adele once again surprised fans


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British singer Adele, who had lost 45 pounds and made a new hairstyle, surprise subscribers appearance. The photo where she is depicted in a new image published in Instagram.

The picture shows the singer posing in a slinky sweater coffee color printed in the form of a Crescent and black tights. The way she added with ear-rings. With hair, Adele, usually straight or stacked waves, curled in small curls.

Singer stands under the frame of the clip Beyonce Already, where she wears a suit of the same fabric. “Thank you, Queen, that always bring to us the love through their creativity”, signed post pop artist.

“What hair! Awesome!”, “Look at me two Queens”, “How great she looks!” — admired the fans in the comments. Others doubted that the photo really Adele. “Lately, I can’t know” “is It Adele?”, “God, who is this woman?” they asked.

Some subscribers have found a resemblance to the singer with other stars. “I thought it was [actress] Kate Winslet. So unreal she looks,” wrote a fan. Several commentators noted under the post of various users of the social network, claiming that initially took Adele someone.

In February emaciated Adele didn’t recognize at the party, “Oscar”, organized by Beyonce and Jay Z. Later, fans also surprised her photo in mini skirt. Subscribers appreciated the slim figure Adele, some of them did not believe in the possibility of such drastic changes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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