In the United States conducted a DNA study on slavery



American scientists have conducted a DNA study to find out from which country it was exported the most slaves, whose descendants now live in the United States. Only the work of the experts was attended by 50 thousand people, writes The New York Times.

It turned out that the most slaves were brought to the United States from Nigeria. Head of the research group Steven Micheletti at first did not believe the results of the study. However, he then studied the archival documents, which said that slaves from Nigeria were taken first to the Caribbean Islands, which at that time belonged to the UK and then transported them to the United States.

In addition, in the blood of modern African Americans have traces of the genes of their ancestors from Senegal, the Gambia and Benin. It was also found that the majority of exported slaves in the US were women. If the territory of the United States, there were more than 1.5 times, then in the British Caribbean 25 times. Previously, it was assumed that 60 percent of African slaves were male.

Now, if scientists will be able to negotiate with the government of West African countries, they will be able to open representative offices in Angola and the Congo. This will set the number of ports that came to the ships of slave traders, and calculate the number of transported black population.

Earlier it was reported that the city Council of the American city of Asheville in North Carolina has apologized for its role in slavery and discrimination and voted for the payment of reparations to black people. It is noted that it is a direct distribution of money to the descendants of slaves are not provided.

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