Russians warned against buying ready minced



Ready stuffing is better not to buy, because the eye is impossible to determine its structure: there can be little meat, but a lot of fat and cartilage. About it warned the Russians culinary historian Anton Prokofiev on the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

He added that the stuffing is the best way to do at home or ask the seller in the store. The expert also said that in home meat grinders meat is often compressed, the blades in them are sharp enough. And the price of professional equipment starts from 30 thousand rubles.

In addition, Prokofiev was advised to freeze part of the meat grinder. “Meat, which is subjected to grinding, shall not exceed four degrees Celsius. This ensures your food safety. The meat should be cold, you can put it in the freezer, pre-cut into thin small pieces,” he said.

To cook the beef patties, the expert said, it is important to thoroughly be stirred, and then leave flip flops on the plate, thus knocking the air out. This is especially important in the preparation of kebab, because otherwise it will just fall apart on the skewer, said Prokofiev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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