Turkish F-16s flew to Yerevan for distance air strike


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Murad Sezer / Reuters

Turkish F-16 fighter jets flew to the capital of Armenia at a distance air strike. It is reported portal avia.pro.

At least two military vehicles flew as close to the border of Armenia and turned around when the distance from Yerevan was 56 kilometers. According to the information portal, thus they could try and strike at the capital of Armenia: this maneuver allows you to strike weapons, which is in service with the Turkish air force.

After that, near the border with Armenia was seen, the helicopter force of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

On 28 July troops of Turkey arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in joint exercises, including on the border with Armenia. Large-scale tactical flight and tactical actions with tactical fire started July 29 and will run until August 10 in accordance with the agreement on military cooperation between the two countries. The exercise will involve armored vehicles, artillery, combat and transport helicopters of the air force, air defense forces (PVO) and anti-aircraft missile units of the armies of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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