Vile act barefoot passenger in a pandemic angered the companions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @passengershaming / Instagram

Passengers on the plane protested the unhygienic act by an unknown companion during a pandemic coronavirus and found it vile. A corresponding picture appeared on Instagram account @passengershaming, which ridiculed the actions of tourists.

Hosted in the network frame shows that one of the travellers fully took off his shoes and put bare feet on a nearby chair, resting his fingers in the armrest. “Maybe we are now thinking about the masks for the foot? Yeah, the socks… my God, please wear them!” reads the post.

Subscribers account discussed the situation in the comments. “Once I was in the plane off his shoes and put his feet up on the chair, but I had three seats out of four — and even then I put between my feet and the chair jacket”, “It’s worse than coronavirus infection”, “Let’s ban the shoes in airplanes”, “What terrible nails”, “what an Abomination, People really do not hesitate” — they wrote.

On 30 July it was reported that the position of two unknown passengers on Board the plane had angered their fellow traveler. Placed on the frame, sealed, presumably a married couple — a man and a woman, dressed in shorts. They sit in the chair liner with buttoned belts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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