55-year-old model sunbathed Topless and surprised the fans of natural beauty


www.vsyako.netPaulina of Poiskovoe: @paulinaporizkov

Former American supermodel, actress and author Czech-born Paulina Porizkova have pleased fans of a photo, which she sealed with no bra. The picture appeared on her page in Instagram.

Posted a selfie 55-year-old celeb posing in a sun lounger Topless, with her chest covering the book. The image of the model complements a straw hat. “My favorite way to spend time on a hot day. Less clothes and a book,” she signed the publication.

Fans surprised by the natural beauty Porizkova. “Stunning! Even without makeup”, “Sexy!”, “Incredibly beautiful”, “Is”, “how do you keep your body in shape? Awesome,” they commented.

In July, Pauline Porizkova was photographed Topless and without makeup in a bikini twenty years ago. In the photo, she’s covering the bare chest with a hand, and the second points to black spots on the body. In the description to the post model explained that they came from paint, descended from the old trunks, which she wore for the shot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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