Dr. Myasnikov told about the rules of saving people


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

Head physician of Minsk hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as Dr. butcher, told the Russians, what rules should be followed, in order to save man, not having suffered with himself. Recommendations it published in the Telegram-channel, commenting on a fight in Barnaul with a fatal outcome, which was attended by a professional boxer.

The doctor emphasized that people should come to the aid of each other, but noted that “to obtain a lethal injury “for no reason” is also not an option.” Therefore, rushing to the rescue, you must assess the situation, to understand which side to approach the burning car or to the hole, how many people are involved in the fight, and if they have something in their hands.

Myasnikov said that to intervene in a fight you need starting with a loud scream to attract attention. The most active participant of the fight you need to embrace, firmly press the entire body and head, twist and fell to the ground. However, he emphasized that you should never try to break up a fight with a stick in his hand, otherwise there is a risk of becoming a bigger threat to the fighters.

In addition, Dr. butcher is advised not to try to “revive” the person at the place of accident or disaster, but primarily to get him out of the danger zone, stop the bleeding and call an ambulance. You should attract other people to assist.

In Barnaul on July 26 near one of the cafes professional boxer Michael Elders, together with the world champion in kickboxing the Lily of Vorogushin first started to beat 40-year-old man who died in the fighting. Later the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Altai territory announced the arrest of 38-year-old suspect in deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim. With him a woman was arrested, but after questioning she was released. Their names were not called.

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