The chamber explained the poor quality of Russian roads


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

The auditor of audit chamber Valery Bogomolov has explained the poor quality of Russian roads. His words are in the message of the chamber following the results of check of use of budgetary funds for road maintenance during the previous two years, reports TASS.

By results of check the audit chamber has found that road maintenance in the regions spent almost eight times less than the cost of maintenance of Federal highways. In particular, one kilometer of Federal roads in 2019 accounted for 2.2 million rubles, and the regional kilometer — 288 thousand rubles.

As mantis said, this situation adversely affects the condition of the roads in the regions. “In General, on trails of regional or intermunicipal value on average went 29.6 per cent of regulatory requirements”, he concluded.

In this regard, the chamber has suggested the government to review the cost of maintaining Federal highways. In addition, it proposes to strengthen the criteria for classifying roads to the appropriate level of content in conjunction with the Federal road Agency.

The modernisation of regional road network — one of the key goals of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. In its framework, should increase the share of roads of regional significance to 50.9 percent, will be eliminated half of the places of concentration of accidents, doubled the proportion of length of roads of urban agglomerations in good condition, 10 percent reduced the proportion of overloaded Federal and regional highways.

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