Died Creator of the computer mouse


www.vsyako.netWilliam Englishotto: Wikipedia

In the US 92nd year, died one of the creators of the first computer mouse William inglish. The reason for the death of the engineer was respiratory failure, according to “Bi-bi-si”.

In 1964 he began working with Douglas Engelbart, paired which has developed a prototype of a computer mouse. Initially the device was intended to move images on the screen. It consists of a bar with one button and two wheels that allow to move the pictures vertically and horizontally.

The device was presented in San Francisco in 1968, but did not bring a lot of money for their creators. All glory and intellectual property rights in the result went their employers.

However, in 1971, the English moved to the research center Xerox PARC, where replaced the mouse two wheels on one ball. This model was available until the 1990-ies of the last century.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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