The coin crisis has left the American Laundry without putting


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The crisis of lack of cash in the coins in circulation has left many small businesses in the United States without a delivery for customers, writes Bloomberg. Among those who felt the situation in itself sharper than the rest, were the owners of laundries.

The publication cites the example of Charles bukasa, who toured every few blocks native Californian city of San Diego in search of a Bank that would be able to change him cash for coins, mostly with denomination of 25 cents (called quarters).

Due to the fact that the banks now limit the number issued in one hand coins in two hours the Bukas are able to find them for about $ 120. Detail necessary for the entrepreneur to give change to customers, but so far the main source of coins for him to remain family and friends.

The situation that has called the monetary crisis happened in the US due to the fact that during a pandemic coronavirus, many Americans preferred non-cash payment methods, believing it more secure. As a result, they accumulated a large number of unused coins, which is not enough small and medium enterprises.

Economists note that we are not talking about the liquidity crisis, because the amount of cash in circulation at the moment is about Birr 47.8 billion to $ 47.4 billion a year earlier. A significant portion of cash is not enough mobile and not supplied to economic agents that need it.

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