The Russians revealed the reasons for layoffs


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More than 30 percent of Russians dismissed from work due to the fact that they do not raise wages. About the reason for the dismissals is reflected in the results of the research service recruitment available to RIA Novosti.

The main reason for the dismissal 31 percent of respondents cited the unwillingness of the employer to increase wages of employees. Another 15 respondents indicated on professional burnout and stress at work. While 13 per cent complained about lack of career advancement.

In addition, 10 and 7 percent said that a valid reason for the dismissal may be the desire to work closer to home and spend more time with the family, respectively. At 4% of the respondents would change jobs because of conflict and desire to move to another city or country.

In the option “other” Russians often noted that the reason for the departure from the current work will be the closure or liquidation of the company.

When searching for a new job more than half of respondents (54 percent) in addition to the salary you pay attention on the work schedule, and 44 percent of respondents noted the importance of distance from home to the workplace. The reliability of the future, the company drew the attention of 36 percent, and 34 percent indicated positive feedback from employees about work.

Another 31 percent of Russians noted the importance of training and career development, and 17 percent is the most important to future wages were higher still. However, 10 percent of study participants noted the importance of exemptions, 5 per cent — the average age of employees, the number and availability of jobs for mothers and retirees.

Earlier it was reported that almost half of Russians (42 percent) is struggling with the decision to quit his job. As it turned out, more than half of citizens (51 percent) is, on average, one place for about five years.

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