In Australia invented Shazam for spiders and snakes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tim Wimborne / Reuters

Australia invented the analogue service Shazam, allowing you to identify pictures of spiders and snakes. This publication reports Cnet.

App Critterpedia was designed by Nick and Murray Scarsly together with the Australian national science Agency (CSIRO). Using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence it defines a family, genus or species of spider or snake, which is shown in the photo, and how they can be dangerous to humans. Apart from photos, the framework uses additional information such as GPS location.

Application developers noted that to more accurately determine the algorithm needed a lot of photos of insects and reptiles from different angles. They expressed the hope that the service will use as much as possible users who will upload pictures of spiders and snakes seen in the wild. “Using advanced technology, Critterpedia can help people to a deeper understanding of our misunderstood wild nature,” concluded Nick Scars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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