Millions of Americans will not be able to pay off debts


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

By the end of August, several million Americans will not be able to pay off debts and pay bills, if you do not receive an additional 600 dollars as measures of social support. It is reported by CNBC. By the end of summer is actually insolvent can be 5.4 million people in the country.

Their number may increase because the background of the closure of many businesses can remain without work in the coming weeks.

American authorities consider the payment excessive. In the opinion of the chief of staff of the White house staff Mark meadows, many citizens are sitting at home in quarantine, receive more than after returning to work. So the White house is considered inappropriate to continue to pay benefits of $ 600 per month. Instead, they are asked to give up to 70 per cent of the salary that they received before the pandemic coronavirus.

Additional benefits in the amount of $ 600 was organized in the framework of the program of support of the population. Since the beginning of August the term of the program expired. The following package of measures is still under discussion.

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