The flight attendants opened the way for free to get more food on Board



Flight attendants several airlines revealed the way to get more food on Board during the flight. Relevant discussion on Reddit, it drew attention in the Daily Express.

So, according to flight attendants, crew members, usually do not offer travelers an extra portion of food or drink, however, most likely, will not refuse if they are asked to do so.

“Lunch onboard is usually quite modest, (…) therefore, many passengers remain hungry. So you have the right to ask for something else and the flight crew will be happy to offer you what is left,” said one of the participants of the thread.

In addition, it is noted that sometimes, airlines have much greater range and supply of food and drinks the passengers during the flight. For example, on some flights available with hot chocolate or a free alcohol, particularly champagne, wine and beer.

In addition, it is known that the crew always carry a small first aid kit with basic medicines. So, travelers, if necessary, can make use of free band-AIDS or painkillers.

On 4 August it was reported that flight attendants of different airlines has opened ways to obtain particular advantages during the flight. So, one of the crew members wrote that they had offered free drinks, friendly passengers, had caused his sympathy. Another noted, what distinguishes someone who smiles during the flight, or the first to start a conversation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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