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Coffee blogger Olga Ignatieva in an interview with radio Sputnik, the Russians revealed the invigorating coffee in the hot season.

According to her, the most invigorating nitro coffee — the kind of coffee with the addition of nitrogen. The use of cooking strong coffee, cold brewing, which is saturated with an inert gas through the equipment which is used in beer industry.

Nitrogen saturates coffee fine bubbles which create a velvety texture. Nitrogen also gives the drink a sweetness and creaminess, making it pleasant to drink.

However, this strength of the drink imposes a number of restrictions on who and when it can be used. So, if you drink 200 milliliters of nitro coffee, this will strongly affect the nervous system. “In the evening to drink it is not worth it, you will not fall asleep. In the morning you can drink, but I would recommend just a small portion of the drink,” said the blogger.

Nitro coffee is not worth drinking people with a weak nervous system and heart problems. Caffeine can lead to such side effects as anxiety, heart palpitations, headaches and high blood pressure.

In July, the allergist Irina Yartseva said that drinking coffee in hot weather can harm the body. She recalled that the coffee — accelerate removal of fluids from the body, therefore in the heat this can lead to dehydration. Also, you should limit the consumption of coffee if during the day a person has additional physical activity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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