The Russians opened popular scams when selling things


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ruslan Krivobok / RIA Novosti

Scammers on the services of private ads use common schemes of fraud associated with the design of delivery or finding out the Bank card data. About the Agency “Prime” said managing partner of law firm “Position Right” Egor Redin.

According to him, to face the attackers as possible by both seller and buyer. In the first case, the scammers will aim to find out the card number, expiration date and CVV code. They can force the seller to disclose this information under the pretext of “inspection” for fraud or ask you to insert the card into the ATM to receive the payment via online banking of the buyer supposedly need to confirm the payment receipt to avoid fraud. In both situations, obtaining necessary information, the fraudsters withdraw money from the account.

As buyers on such sites the Russians, too, may be faced with the deception, warned Redin. So, fraud often occurs when the seller offers the services of a third-party delivery and pay the courier in advance. The buyer will be ready to go on the Supplement, because the scammers usually put up interesting items at low cost.

Another type of fraud associated with the sale of new “unnecessary” things, like smartphones with a big discount. The seller agrees with the buyer on the courier, but instead places the order on the website a real online store. Thus the buyer is checking the goods from the courier, transfer money to the scammer, not the store, but left without a purchase.

According to the expert, to prove fraud in all these cases it is difficult, moreover, not all the facts will fall under the qualification of the crime under article of the Criminal code. “Fraudsters open accounts on the nominees — and immediately or withdraw money or pay for goods in foreign Internet sites — that is, doing everything to the police along with the banks are unable to track the movement of funds”, concluded Redin.

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