In Russia calculated the proportion of deterrence and dialogue in NATO policy


www.vsyako.netAndrew Chainfoto: Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland

The policy of containment and dialogue, selected NATO and Britain against Russia, consists of containment at 95 percent and only five percent of the dialogue. This opinion was expressed by the Ambassador of Russia in United Kingdom, Andrey Kelin, reports TASS.

According to him, London said about the desire to normalize relations with Moscow, however, is constantly going on new anti-Russian step. So, just in July, the UK imposed sanctions against 25 Russians, groundlessly accused Moscow of attempts to interfere in British politics, and also suspected in the attempted theft of information about a vaccine for coronavirus.

“The government in London must act in a spirit of realism and to understand what advantages will result in cooperation and collaboration with Russia, instead of seeking her to resist,” — said the head of the diplomatic mission.

July 23, Kelin explained the reasons for the bad attitude to Russia among British politicians. The diplomat in the first place commented on the recent report of the British Parliament about Russian interference in local political life. “This is an unofficial point of view of the government of: report prepared by the group of parliamentarians with the relevant advisors. (…) The first of these [convicted in absentia by a Russian investor] William Browder, the second — Chris Donnelly, who created the ideology of NATO. Oh, and the other two have made a career out of Russophobia”, — he said.

In addition, Kelin noted that in London there is a very powerful Pro-American lobby, “which intends to keep in line of everything that makes Washington.” The third reason he saw the problems of the educational process. “They know very little about our politics, about our daily life, about how Russia is developing and what it is,” said he. The diplomat added that the information about Russia politics get from our own Newspapers, which write about Moscow “only bad things”.

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