Named best food to reduce anxiety


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A balanced, healthy diet is able to reduce the level of anxiety and depression. This was stated by the head of the International society for research in the field of nutritional psychiatry Felice Jaka, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”

In her words, foods with a high amount of fat and sugar affect mood. And the best diet for mood xhaka considered Mediterranean, otmetiv that it is also important to avoid overeating.

In November 2019 dietitian Elena Solomatina explained that junk food and alcohol may initially improve mood but then will be followed by a decline, Alcohol leads to intoxication and dehydration, resulting in falling health. But, according to Solomatin, different people alcohol may act differently, as well as chocolate. The dietician warned and lovers of salty. At first it’s exhilarating, but then the salt binds liquid, which leads to poor circulation and fatigue.

According Solomatina, lift your spirits bananas, tomatoes, citrus fruits, oyster mushrooms, carrots, dark chocolate, nuts, yogurt, all dairy products and complex carbohydrates: oatmeal, pasta with seafood, and fatty fish. Good dates, dried fruits and green tea.

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