The small nation in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Denis Abramov / RIA Novosti

The smallest people in Russia are considered to be camalli. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the mediaofis national census, in 2010 their number amounted to only 24 people. Camalli living in Dagestan and Chechnya and belong to the Andean peoples of the Caucasus and sub-ethnic groups of the Avars. It is noted that in 1967 there were more than four thousand representatives of this ethnic group.

Total in Russia there are 47 indigenous peoples. They live in territories of settlement of their ancestors, preserve their traditional lifestyle, managing and crafts, and have less than 50 thousand people. More than 65 percent of these people live in rural areas.

August 9 marks the international day of indigenous peoples. World population of about 370 million of the representatives of these ethnic groups.

Earlier it was reported that the all-Russia population census will take place in April 2021 instead of October 2020. The head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov said that the Russian government has signed the corresponding decree. According to him, April — “very comfortable life” to which will manage well and efficiently prepare.

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