In Minsk ended the second day of protests


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

The second day of protests in Minsk came to an end. About it the correspondent of TASS.

According to the Agency, after seven hours of fierce collisions of protesters with the Belarusian security forces last managed to oust citizens from the streets of the city. The special forces began to leave the Central avenues of the Belarusian capital. From a ground collision also go paddy detainees.

One of the last pockets of opposition became district kuntsevshchina, where protesters erected barricades of concrete piles and metal rebar, blocking Pritytskogo Avenue.

August 10, clashes of protesters with the police in many cities of Belarus resumed. The interior Ministry official said one of the victims. In Minsk, the protesters built barricades and left an improvised anti-tank hedgehogs on the roads. In response security forces used special equipment, water cannons, stun grenades, rubber bullets, were involved in military special forces.

9 Aug across Belarus were mass protests and clashes with Riot police. They were called the last presidential election, in which Lukashenko, according to official figures, scored more than 80 percent of the vote. 3 detained thousands of people, injured several dozen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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