The value of gold promised double-digit growth


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In the next few years, according to the promises of analysts, the price of gold could jump at least twice — up to four thousand dollars per ounce, according to CNBC. However, experts see at least two factors which can slow down the rising cost of the precious metal.

We are talking about the possible advent of a vaccine against coronavirus and future presidential elections in the US, which will be held in the fall. According to the research company Third Bridge Group, after the elections, gold prices could fall below $ 1600 dollars, and next year will grow again. On the other hand, the situation could be repeated in 2016, when, after the victory of Donald trump over Hillary Clinton, investors turned to the asset-shelters, out of gold rose five percent.

In early August, the gold price broke the historical record, exceeding two thousand dollars per ounce. The prices went up against the strong monthly decline in the dollar over the past three years. As of Monday, August 10, oz is 2,030 thousand dollars per ounce, dragotsennyi metal lost 0.18 percent against the background of strengthening of the dollar, points out Reuters. Analysts believe that in the future the price will continue to rise, because gold investors are now seeing the so-called safe haven.

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