Airlines have reported a sharp increase in the price of kerosene


Russian Association of air transport operators (aato) in conjunction with FAS and the Ministry of energy reported a sharp increase in the cost of aviation fuel. The corresponding letter sent to the Ministry of transport, the text published on the website of the Association.

As stated in the air transport operators Association, the price of fuel at Russian airports increased for the upcoming period August-September 2020. In particular, in Koltsovo airport (Yekaterinburg), the increase was 62.1%, in Domodedovo (Moscow) — 33.4 per cent in Zhukovsky (Moscow) — 36 percent.

In addition, kerosene has risen in price in St. Petersburg (18 percent), Vladivostok (20.4 percent), Blagoveshchensk (21,1 percent), Irkutsk (28.1 per cent) Krasnodar (48.4%) and Krasnoyarsk (48.6 percent).

The Ministry of transport was asked to check the validity of the sharp rise in the cost of kerosene. The letter States that the price increase negates all the measures of the government and companies to overcome the crisis and sustain demand in the aviation industry. It stressed that the rise in the cost of aviation fuel will lead to an increase in the cost of air transport for consumers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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