Inexperienced flight attendant was confused from people’s views and accidentally announced the evacuation



Flight attendant of Austrian airlines Laudamotion made a mistake in an emergency and accidentally announced to the passengers to evacuate. This is evidenced by the report of the office for the investigation of aircraft accidents UK (AAIB UK), writes Fox News.

The incident occurred in March last year on the flight, which was supposed to fly from London Stansted airport to Vienna international airport. According to the document, just before taking off the liner has failed the left engine.

After that, the aircraft commander instructed the crew to take up positions at the emergency exits and await further orders, but one of the flight attendants did not hear the command. “She also said that he was “shocked”, “embarrassed” and “under pressure” as the passengers looked at her,” — stated in the report.

Airline employee mistakenly thought that someone of his colleagues saw coming out of the engine flame and sparks, and announced to the passengers through the p. A. system to evacuate. It is known that the flight attendant took my seat shortly before the incident and did not have sufficient experience and training.

As a result ten people suffered minor injuries, the runway of the airport was closed for two and a half hours, and 13 arriving flights were denied boarding.

It is noted that in this situation the evacuation was optional and could only lead to more serious injuries to passengers, because for the first few minutes, the aircraft engine continued to work — in fact, some injuries were received due to the fact that the left side of the people, “carried by air flow”.

In may last year it was reported that the passenger thanked the flight attendant for Aer Lingus, which had saved her daughter when she choked on the chips during the voyage. By Lisa Barnett Murray said that the incident occurred on a flight from Dublin to Izmir, Turkey. Approximately two hours later the flight, the girl began to choke after a chip stuck in her throat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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