Mathematics called optimal conditions return to work after a pandemic



Mathematics called optimal conditions for return to work after a pandemic coronavirus and maximum safety of employees. Calculations published in research Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Experts emphasize that the company can resume work only under the condition that all workers will wear masks and frequently wash hands and all surfaces will be regularly treated with antiseptics. Also required respect distance and temperature measurement, and affected employees need to be send to the quarantine.

Mathematicians have developed several models of the situation. In the negative scenario, when security measures are not taken, the spread of the virus in the firm has been steadily growing and eventually 30 times higher than the average for the country. In this case, the company will not be able to resume work.

According to the most safe scenario, all necessary measures are taken, and then the incidence becomes 104 times below the average, and the profit of the company is steadily growing. Experts have also considered the variant in which measures are taken, but the staff gradually abandoned. Then over time, the workplace becomes a hotbed of infection, and the profit of the company collapses.

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