Model popular brand has pleased fans with the transparent body


www.vsyako.netMatilda Tentatto: @mathildtantot

Model popular brand Fashion Nova 25-year-old Matilda Tanto (Mathilde Tantot) shared a photo in a revealing outfit and delighted fans. The corresponding picture appeared on her page in Instagram.

On the published shot, a girl is posing in transparent bodysuit with rhinestones brand Agent Provocateur and gray sweatpants. Through the fabric of the product is x-rayed the chest of a model. Tanto photographed on the background wall on which hang paintings of female bodies. “that’s how I perceive the female body: art,” she signed the post with 1.3 million likes.

Fans admired the appearance of the model and wrote about it in the comments under the post: “Think I’m in love”, “Amazing girl”, “Stunning”, “You’re so beautiful, like a work of art,” “God, it’s hot,” said they.

In July Matilda Tanto showed naked body and delighted subscribers. Took a picture of her lying on a bed in the back. She have to pose Nude with collected tail hair. It was sunglasses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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