Gorbachev said about the impossibility of democracy without condemning the repression of Stalin


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Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said that without a strong condemnation of political repression, the society could not embark on the path of democratization: it was necessary to call things by their proper names, including to evaluate the role of Joseph Stalin. He told about it in interview to RIA Novosti on the 30th anniversary of the signing of the decree “On the restoration of the rights of all victims of political repression 1920-1950-ies”.

Gorbachev referred to his report, read out in 1987, which criticized Stalin’s actions.

“The Central Committee Plenum in October 1987, I said: “the Fault of Stalin and his immediate entourage before the party and the people for the mass repressions unforgivable. This is a lesson for all generations.” And in the decree of 13 August 1990 was tasked to overcoming of the consequences of political crimes on the grounds of abuse of power,” he said.

The former Soviet leader added that the Politburo in 1987, created the Commission for additional study materials related to repression. The Commission came to the conclusion that after the twentieth party Congress in 1956, the case was not brought to an end, and justice is restored.

Gorbachev noted that this topic was important and relevant for the whole of Soviet society and the political leadership of the country from the beginning of perestroika. “People feel the urgent need to know more about that time. The publicity given the opportunity to speak about the tragic pages of our history, hiding nothing from the people,” he said.

Earlier in June, Gorbachev said that he first heard about the intentions of the Soviet Union under his rule to transfer the Republic of Karelia of Finland. He was commenting on the relevant statements of a former diplomat and writer Yucca Seppinen.

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