The woman was arrested after her husband committed suicide for lack of sex


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Resident Indian city Maninagar, Gujarat, committed suicide due to the lack of sex, and his grieving wife was arrested on suspicion of incitement to suicide. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In October 2018 employee of the Railways named Surprising (Surndrasinh) married Grita Parmar (Parmar Greeta). Two years before that, the man went through a divorce with my first wife. Over time, the family life of the couple plunged into chaos, they were arguing a lot. Grita then moved in with her parents.

On July 27 the family of Sungrazing came to his house and found that the man committed suicide. After that, his 55-year-old mother Parmar muli (Muli Parmar) gave the police a statement in which he said that Grita has never had sex with her husband for 22 months of their marriage. According to muli, because of this male experienced a lot of stress, and their relationship collapsed. Coming to visit them, muli found that her son and his wife sleep in separate beds.

“When I asked my son about this, he told me that they did not have physical relations as Grita made a vow that she would not sleep with my husband”, she explained.

Police arrested the Grita on suspicion of incitement to suicide.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of oak grove, Missouri, 12 years could not be engaged with the husband sex because of a rare disease vaginismus. As a result, the disease deprived her of self-confidence and led to divorce.

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