The Chinese will restrict food


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Lam Yik / Reuters

In some Chinese cities want to set limits on the amount of food that people can order in restaurants. This decision is connected with the increase in food waste and increasing food prices in the country, writes Vice.

Wuhan Association of enterprises of public catering suggested that the restaurants adopt a new rule. For example, a company of ten people can only order a nine-course meal. They can ask for more, but only if you were hungry after all I ate. The Association also calls for the introduction in restaurants half portions, and to give the guests leftover food in boxes to reduce the amount of food waste.

Coronavirus caused an increase in food prices in China. In addition, the recent flooding in southern Jiangxi province led to the destruction of farmland that has jeopardized food security. The damage from elements is estimated at 1.16 billion dollars.

Earlier in August, the head of China XI Jinping called for the Chinese to start saving food. According to him, the wasteful behaviour of its citizens in this matter, “terrifying and upsetting”.

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