An employee of McDonald’s has filed a lawsuit against the employer for harassment


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In the US Muslim woman sued a branch network of fast food restaurants “McDonald’s”, where she worked until 2018, stating that it was subjected to by his colleagues of sexual harassment and ridicule because of her religious views. About it writes Daily Mail.

28-year-old graduate of the Daymond Powell from Baltimore state University Morgan began working in Washington located in the international airport named after Thurgood Marshall’s restaurant of the network in 2016. In early 2017, she converted to Islam. She began to wear at work hijab from now on, according to her, she started having problems at work. First, the diamond was allowed to pray five times a day as prescribed by her religion, in a quiet location at the airport, but soon the boss allegedly told her to pray in a dirty warehouse.

In addition, in the lawsuit, the girl claims that they had been sexually harassed at work. So, a few managers and colleagues asked her, if she is a virgin, and the shift supervisor had made lewd comments in her address. “No Muslim woman should not ever experience what I, and I hope that this trial will help other Muslim women,” said Powell during a press conference with their lawyers.

Former employer girls Isaac grin challenged her claim, saying that the company does not agree with the complaints. Now the claim is disputed and it will be given the appropriate answer. “”We are proud of our diverse staff, and we have rules that provide comfortable jobs and good conditions in which staff may need religious reasons”, — he stressed.

Earlier, the network of fast food restaurants “McDonald’s” has filed a lawsuit against former CEO Steve Easterbrook for a secret affair with one of the officers. The network intends to sue the former owner of a severance package, so he violated the corporate ethics of the company.

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