The Russians gave advice on the proper organization of a weekend



Researcher, laboratory for comparative social research at HSE Maria Kravtsova gave the Russians a recommendation for the proper organization of the holiday weekend. About it reports TV channel “Zvezda”.

As the expert noted, each person has their own needs, so when planning a weekend they must be taken into account. It depends with whom a person lives, whether he has children and that he needs to recover from the working week.

In particular, people with an active lifestyle and those who are engaged in heavy physical labor, you should choose a quiet holiday, says Kravtsova. Conversely, the office workers need a weekend activity. Therefore, she believes, at the end of the week to do what people did in the week. “If you were moving to sit on, if a lot of contact, then to be alone”, — said the sociologist.

In an ideal variant it is proposed to invite guests or spend time with children, because in these cases, reasonable activity combined with intercourse. Thus, people have time to gain strength before the new working week, says Maria Kravtsova.

Previously, scientists had identified a number of negative consequences of telecommuting. According to experts, remote employment leads to an increase in working time, the number of online meetings. On average since the beginning of the pandemic and the forced transition to udalenku working day increased by 48.5 minutes, and the number of meetings by 13 percent. In addition, workers become much more likely to correspond via e-mail.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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