Daughter came for the funeral of his father, and found in his coffin the corpse of a stranger


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A resident of the American city of Houston, Texas, came for the funeral of his father, and found in his coffin the corpse of a stranger. This was reported on the Click2Houston website.

Susan Montelongo told that her father Natividad Torres died from pancreatic cancer. The family organized a funeral service, and arrived on the appointed day. The coffin with the deceased, arrived late, but the grieving did not attach much importance.

“I went to his coffin before the rest, to tell him that I love him. At this point I discovered that the touch of another man dressed in things father,” says Maria Vasquez, sister Montelongo.

Shocked relatives complained to the staff of the funeral home. Two hours later, the body of Natividad Torres was taken into the service, but according to family, the deceased was prepared for burial.

The undertaker Arnold Alanis apologized to the family for the confusion and offered his condolences. Vasquez said that Alanis has covered the costs of conducting funeral ceremonies. Despite this, the family plans to file a lawsuit against the funeral home and looking for a lawyer.

Earlier it was reported that in the Australian town of Goulburn in the state of New South Wales, new owner of the funeral home found in a closet long forgotten plastic urns with the remains of 70 people. They were covered with caps and labeled with the names, dates of death and date of cremation.

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